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Are you ready to heal from what's been holding you back from living your best life?
Meet Dr. Julie Lynn, a Health Empowerment and Embodiment Coach with a Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Julie Lynn holds multiple certifications, including Reiki 2, CHES, CNWC, IFNCP, MBC, LM, CPM. As the inspirational inner healer behind The Health Creatrix, she has created a divine feminine space where every woman is empowered to heal herself.

Dr. Julie Lynn believes that our ability to heal our bodies is a birthright we all possess. Guided by her own journey, she sees embracing our divine feminine as tapping into the inner knowing to activate our own powerful energy. This energy encompasses confidence, self-assurance, magnetism, certainty, and being truly embodied in one's knowing.

Encouraging women to trust their intuition, Dr. Julie Lynn emphasizes the courage to express oneself, tapping into personal healing, and having faith in the body's innate ability to heal. In her vision, every woman has the potential to access this inner wisdom and live a life of empowerment and well-being


Our ability to heal our bodies is our birthright. An ability we are all born with. Following our intuition as women is our divine feminine. Being able to tap into that inner knowing and being able to embody that energy activating the power that comes from that space. 

The confidence, the self-assurance, the magnetism, feeling certainty, embodied in her true knowing, the ability to tap into her inner knowing at any time, the courage to express it all, tap into her own healing, she believes in her body’s ability to heal. 

Anti-inflammatory Guide Image.png


If you suffer from chronic pain or other symptoms, you may be experiencing a buildup of inflammation in the body.

Many people don’t know about the connection between chronic pain and inflammation in the body.

The truth is chronic pain is a multifaceted complication many Americans suffer every day and many never get to the root of the problem.

How chronic inflammation impacts chronic pain.

Almost all chronic disease involves inflammation. This fact has been so thoroughly researched and scientifically verified that it has even appeared on the cover of Time magazine and covered by the Wall Street Journal. Inflammation is also closely linked to many chronic diseases.

And is exactly why I put together this comprehensive guide to give you the tools to decrease inflammation and improve symptom control. 

The best part..... it's FREE!

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