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Healing From WITHIN is a power portal for any woman who wants to understand her symptoms more deeply. 


I know how waking up with symptoms day after day without answers can feel. You feel stuck unsure about what's happening in your body, and sometimes you may feel hopeless. I know all this because I was you a few years ago. 


When I was trying to understand my symptoms, I felt like my body had turned against me because I had symptoms, but my labs and other tests were normal. However, I couldn't shake this feeling; I needed to find the answers. 


Through my journey, I learned some hard truths about healing. It was my journey that led me to develop this potent healing portal for women just like you. 


This program includes:

One-month intensive deep dive into your symptoms

(3) 90-minute calls (Initial, 2 weeks and 4 weeks)

Action Plan

Test recommendations (if needed)

Chat support via the Practice Better platform 


Here's How It Works:

It works because it's a personalized program structured around you and a proven system that works. Our work in this container is potent because you get to use your inner healing power and symptoms to heal your body from the root cause. When you take action from the root, you get to experience true transformative healing that lasts. 


This is a perfect healing container for you if you desire to heal your:

UTIs/yeast infection 

Joint Pain/stiffness 

Chronic pain/Chronic inflammation 

Depressed mood/chronic fatigue 

Autoimmune diagnosis 

Poor digestion/abdominal pain/bloating


Chronic Disease


If you're ready to understand your symptoms deeper, have a clear action plan, and get back to living on your terms, let's co-create wellness together. 


Dr. Julie Lynn





   Hormone Health

Did you know hormones control many different bodily processes, including:

  • Metabolism.

  • Homeostasis (constant internal balance), such as blood pressure and blood sugar regulation, fluid (water) and electrolyte balance and body temperature.

  • Growth and development.

  • Sexual function.

  • Reproduction.

  • Sleep-wake cycle.

  • Mood.

As we age our hormones naturally decline. 


This can lead to increased weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and concentrating just to name a few.

The good news is there are natural things we can do each day to help us regulate our hormones as well as our physical and emotional health.


I developed this program to help you do just that. 


Included in this do-it-yourself guide is the exact tools to help you improve hormone balance.


What you'll get:


Hormone health 101 guide

Hormone health meal plan 

Hormone health recipe guide

Hormone Health Reset Your Circadian Rhythm 

Graceful menopause guide 

Cycle Syncing and cycling guide  

Bye Bye Toxins guide

Supplement combinations for hormone heath

And as an extra bonus my sneaky ingredient guide.


If you're looking to naturally balance your hormones this is the program for you. 

The best part is it's on sale for just $24.99 for a limited time.


Group Coaching

The Embodied CreatriX

This is a powerful activation for any woman who is ready to claim her divine healing power, step into her next level healing and express it fully every day.


I get it. You want a deeper connection with your body, dive deeper into the root cause of your symptoms and experience total wellness. I know this because once I found the root cause of my chronic pain, I was on a mission to experience whole healing.


Once I got to the root of what was making me so sick, I felt like I cracked the code, and I was healed. Little did I realize my healing journey had just begun. It’s the work after the diagnosis that The Embodied Creatrix was born.


This portal works because I used my INWARD healing method to create this one-of-a-kind healing experience. The work we do in this container together is potent because as you gain more insight into the root cause and deepen your connection with your body you start to cultivate a lifestyle that not only heals but also nourishes your mind, body, spirit and soul.


This is a perfect healing experience for you if you’re ready to step fully into your healing power and go deeper into the root of the problem.


You’re ready to experience next level of healing.


You’ve been feeling unwell or having chronic symptoms and you’re ready for more clarity and understanding around your symptoms.


You have a chronic disease or autoimmune disorder, and you desire a better way to manage your health.


If you’re ready to embody the CreatriX within and step into your healthiest era yet, then don’t miss this opportunity. 

Let's co~create wellness together!


Dr. Julie Lynn

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