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What body-mind-based nutrition type are you?

Did you know there are three primary body-mind nutrition types? It's true!

Once you can identify which of the three body-mind types you are….. you can learn to eat based on how you feel. Even though we are one primary type, you can shift between the types based on several factors.

The first body-mind type is Airy.


Many of you might resonate with this body-mind type.

If you think about air, you might think about how it can be cold, dry, and light, and it can move freely all over the place. The airy body-mind type might feel active, nervous, and cold. You may experience common digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, burping, and constipation. Your mind might also race, and you might feel like you can't keep up with your thoughts and feelings at times. You might experience fear, worry, and anxiety. You mostly will feel like your life is "up in the air."

Airy physical attributes:


Cooler body temperature

Dry skin and hair

Irregular meals

Sensitive stomach

Light sleeper




High energy

Loves change

Mild Imbalance:

Unwanted weight loss

Cold hands and feet

Scaly skin, dandruff

Irregular appetite

Gas, hiccups, bloating


Mood swings




Airy Challenges:

Catches colds easily


Chronic constipation


Worn down

Chronic fatigue


A great mantra for Airy:

"Slow down and breath."

Foods to focus on include:

Sweet, sour, and salty. And warm foods, like soups, especially in the late fall and winter seasons.

You can also focus on grounding exercises like meditation and breathing. Find ways to keep warm and things that are stimulating and uplifting.

The second body-mind type is Fiery.


This body-mind-nutrition type is precisely what you imagine when you think of fire. It's hot, oily, unstable, stimulating, drying, and difficult to temper.

Fiery has some great qualities. The energy behind this type is action, produces heat, and enjoys transformation. This dynamic type has a sense of perception, illumination, purpose, passion, and they are radiant. Often they are focused on uplifting others.

Fiery types will experience reddish, flushed faces, acne, eczema, and brown spots. They might also notice reddening of the eyes and become dry.

Some common digestive problems for this group include:

Unsatiated appetite



You might notice that your mind is unstable when you are out of balance. You might lose focus. You might have a hard time controlling your anger and lash out easily. You might also have feelings of jealousy and become impatient.

Airy attributes:

Strong digestion

Radiant skin

Warm body temp


Sharp intellect




Born leader

Mild imbalances:

Excessive hunger

Red skin

Hot flashes

Excessive sweating





Fiery Challenges:

Acid reflux






Overly stimulated


A great mantra for Fiery.

"I am calm and relaxed."

Foods to focus on include:

It would be best to focus on cooling, hydrating, soothing, and calming foods. Also, you can eat more sweet, bitter, and astringent foods. Steamed leafy greens are great, as well as avocados.

You can also focus on grounding exercises like meditation and breathing. Swimming or doing exercises in water might also be beneficial for this body-mind type.

The third and final body-mind type is Earthy.


You might think of something solid, stable, heavy, and cool if you think about the earth. Earth is one of my favorites because we get all that we need to sustain life from our planet somehow when you think about it.

Earthy types are naturally uplifting. They are calm, patient, steady, enduring, loving, devotional, and accepting of others.

When earthy is out of balance, they might experience tissue build-up and gain weight. Earthy might become congested and take too long to implement change in their life even when motivated.

Digestion is sluggish and slow.

Often earthy types will dwell on heavy emotions, depression, sadness, and feel stuck when they are out of alignment.

Earthy attributes:


Supple skin

Thrives in a warm, dry climate

Caring and compassionate

Slow and steady

Sound sleeper

Loves routine

Great long-term memory

Mild imbalances:

Stiff Muscles

Oily puffy skin


Catches colds and the flu

Delays things

Sleeps too much

Fear change


Physical weakness

Water retention and bloating



Can't let go



A great Mantra for Earthy

"Let go and move on."

Foods to focus on include lentil salads with herbs and leafy greens. Foods that are bitter, pungent, and astringent are also beneficial.

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Dr. Julie Lynn

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